Phenomenal French Lavender

Phenomenal French Lavender


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The Fast-Growing and Attractive Phenomenal French Lavender

  • Fast-Growing Edible
  • Sweet Fragrance
  • Attracts Pollinators

This plant will have you squealing “oui oui!” when you see how well it performs. The Phenomenal® French Lavender (Lavandula x intermedia ‘Niko’ PP#24193) is by far one of the most attractive lavender plants you will find. This romantic and robust edible plant outperforms and earns its name. If you find yourself in search of the perfect lavender, the Phenomenal French Lavender truly is phenomenal.

Nothing beats relaxing in the shade with a good novel and a cold glass of tea. Well, maybe relaxing in the shade with a glass of tea and a Phenomenal French Lavender nearby. This edible beauty isn’t just looks and flavor, it also creates an aromatic wonderland. It lights up the senses and soothes anyone nearby into a sense of relaxation.

This beauty is flying out of nurseries across the country. As of the most in-demand lavenders of the past few years, its popularity seems permanent. Could it be everyone is taking to their yards with books in their hands to enjoy the lovely scent of the Phenomenal French Lavender? Maybe.

Why does every gardener want to get their gloves on the Phenomenal French Lavender? It does what other lavender varieties cannot: it grows well in cold or heat without dying back or looking stringy. It also is disease resistant and thrives without much attention. And this plant is deer resistant.

The Phenomenal French Lavender grows evenly in a well-formed, rounded mound. And when summer arrives its tall stems are topped with layers of blue-violet blooms. This lovely plant puts on such a show, it would be at home on the runways of Paris. These brilliant flowers appear in early summer in the south and a little later in the north.

Plenty of butterflies and other pollinators will show up for the summer spectacular. Unfortunately, they can’t read, otherwise, they’d probably pull up a blanket alongside you.

Plant your Phenomenal French Lavender in full sun for best results. Water it regularly when it’s first becoming established then cut back once it’s taken root. It prefers well-drained soil with low moisture then.

This fast-growing robust plant offers excellent full silvery foliage. It’s perfect for lavender spritzers or lavender lemonade. And its sweet scent will fill your home if you bring a few sprigs inside.

Fill your garden with this sensory delight. Order your Phenomenal French Lavender while supplies last.

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