Phlox Flame White

Phlox Flame White


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What Does the Phlox Say?

The Phlox White Flame, ‘Phlox paniculata’, is an ideal ground cover with masses of huge, white, pristine flowers and a thick mat of foliage. Its narrow leaves remain green in color throughout the season.

‘White Flame’ is a new variety with variegated foliage and a pinkish tinge near the tips or the leaves, blooming from April to May

This Phlox is a definite addition to any perennial garden. ‘White Flame’ needs to be planted in a full sun area in well-drained soil. Use ‘White Flame’ in rock gardens, as a spread over curbs and short retaining walls, or in difficult edges of dry streambeds.

This summer blooming and amazingly short plant, is an exciting dwarf selection that can be used as a bright ground cover, and it is also suitable for planting in containers.

You will like how its medium texture blends into the garden and what beautiful floral arrangements ‘White Flame’ can make. Try balancing this plant with a couple of finer or coarser plants for an effective composition in a sunny location.

  • Variegated foliage
  • White Flowers
  • Low growing

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