Pillow Fight™ Rose

Pillow Fight™ Rose


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Amazing Honey Scent!

The Rose Pillow Fight produces small white blooms with a honey fragrance. The Pillow Fight shrub rose just explodes into bloom with the white flowers making a startling look against the very deep, glossy, green foliage.

Pillow Fight will bloom all season long. The growth is low and bushy with an average height of about 3 to 4 feet. This is a very vigorous growing rose.

Pillow Fight is a little larger than its parent (Pink Pollyanna x Gourmet Popcorn) and it carries larger leaves and larger flowers. The petal count runs 25 to 30 on each bloom.

Use this plant for beds and borders, in containers, as a cut flower, or in your garden.

* Long blooming period
* Fragrant
* Vigorous grower

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