Pink Halo Peach Tree

Pink Halo Peach Tree


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Easy-Care, Doughnut Pink Halo Peach Tree

  • Mid-Season Harvest
  • 400 – 600 Chill Hours
  • Self-Pollinating (But You’ll Enjoy a Larger Harvest with a Partner Tree)
  • Delectably Sweet, Donut-Style, Flat Peach
  • Pretty Pink Flesh
  • Prolific Fruit Crop
  • Very Showy Pink Blossoms in the Spring
  • Golden Fall Color
  • Low-Maintenance

Yum! There is something wonderful about the flat peaches you’ve been seeing in the grocery store now. They taste really good, and they are so. . . grabbable!

Why not grow your own for a flavor that can’t be beat? Pink Halo Peach (Prunus persica Prunus persica ‘Pink Halo’) makes it easy for you!

This low-maintenance, beautiful tree produces amazingly sweet, donut-style peaches with pink flesh. Kids of all ages will love the super-sweet taste.

Enjoy clouds of fluffy, pink blooms in springtime with Pink Halo Peach. Flowers and the developing fruit are both very ornamental. You’ll even have a golden fall color show to enjoy.

Grow this attractive variety as a specimen for your home orchard, or Edible Garden. Use it by itself, as it’s a self-pollinating tree. Or, gain a larger harvest over a longer period of time by partnering it with Scarlet Halo Peach Tree.

The excellent pink flesh of the Pink Halo makes a great, mid-season harvest. Scarlet Halo has deeper flesh, and ripens a bit later. Talk about a Dream Team!

These highly desirable trees are an improvement on the ancient Donut-style Peach trees from the Orient. Beloved for thousands of years, as you might imagine, they have a lot of nicknames. You might hear them called the donut/doughnut peach, saucer peach, UFO peach, hat peach and bagel peach!

Whatever you call it, Pink Halo is a peach you can be proud of! Now you can safely feed your family and friends with your very own homegrown fruit.

Nature Hills growers will securely box up your healthy trees and ship them directly to your door.

Embrace the flavor and beauty of Pink Halo Peach Tree. Order yours today!

How to Use Pink Halo Peach Tree in the Landscape

Bred for its fine fruit with a very sweet flavor and thicker size, Pink Halo is also very ornamental. Plant this tree near a window where you can enjoy a daily view of your gorgeous fruit as it ripens on the branches.

It features an upright form, with showy pink spring blossoms in spring. The flowers bloom before the tree leaves out, to produce a dazzling display.

Use a single tree as an outstanding specimen in a mulched patio planting. Or, pair it with Scarlet Halo, and plant them on either side of your front yard. You’ll greet guests in style!

The beauty of the fruit adds a wonderful, homey look to any landscape. The plentiful harvest of charming fruit looks great, with its unique shape.

The demand for the flat style peaches is growing. You’ll love having your own fruit to harvest in your backyard orchard.

These peaches ripen in mid-season, and are as delightfully sweet and juicy as any peach you’ve ever tasted. Enjoy them right off the tree, still warm from the sun’s rays.

Is there anything better than a fresh peach? Yes, if you use them to make scrumptious pies or to-die-for preserves!

#ProPlantTips for Care

Pink Halo does best when the tree is planted in full sun. Make sure the location has good air circulation to keep cold air from settling on the spring blooms. Morning sun is the drying sun, and will help the overnight dew vanish from the foliage.

Peaches grow well in well-drained, and even sandy soil. While it is adapted to a wide range of soil types and climates within USDA zones 6-9, the soil must be well-drained.

If you have heavy clay soil, or soil that doesn’t drain well, plant in a raised bed, or create a mound of soil heaped 12 – 18 inches tall by 3 feet wide. You’ll plant directly into that mound to improve the drainage away from the crown of the root.

Water regularly, especially during fruit production. Give a thick layer of mulch over the top of the roots. Spread to three inches thick and three feet outside the canopy.

Fruiting plants need sun and air movement. Prune in late winter to open up the canopy.

Prune the trees in summer for size control to keep it low for easier harvest. Thin the young fruit set early in the season. This will help ensure that the mature fruit reach a nice size for harvest.

Make a place in your yard for this sweet selection, and you’ll be so pleased with it. Quantities are limited, so order your Pink Halo Peach tree today!

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