Pinstripe Calathea

Pinstripe Calathea


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Dressy Striped Foliage Pinstripe Calathea

  • Lovely Green and Light Pink Patterned Leaves
  • Incredible Dark, Rolled New Growth
  • Loves High Humidity
  • Bright Indirect Light

You’ll love the wildly good looking Pinstripe Calathea (Calathea ornata). With impeccable precision, a series of stripes decorate each side of the midrib on every leaf.

Young leaves are striped in pink, which deepens into a pale green as it ages. The color contrast against the bold dark green background is outstanding. The leaves are further accented with a deep, purple-red underside.

Take time every day to notice what is happening with your beautiful Pinstripe Calathea. You’ll watch in amazement as new, tightly rolled red leaves emerge from the center and then unfold in a glorious, slow dance.

This tropical rain forest native loves high humidity, bright filtered light and regular, even amounts of moisture. This jungle native will require a moderate amount of care, and it is so worth it!

This is a perfect plant to grow in a humid terrarium. Or, you can run a diffuser, place it on a pebble tray, or keep it in a sunny bathroom to boost the humidity. Misting the leaves daily is another way to help these sophisticated plants thrive.

It’s an understory plant, so will not tolerate direct sunlight. Keep the light filtered for best results.

It’s hard to stop at a single Calathea. They look so incredible in a long row. Use a series of multiple plants in the same type of container for a sleek, modern look. A Pinstripe collection also looks wonderful in a curated collection of mixed containers.

Order soon, as we will sell out of this variety. Enjoy!

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Pinstripe Calathea – 6 Inch Container