Pipsqueak® Burning Bush

Pipsqueak® Burning Bush


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Fiery Fall Color Pipsqueak® Burning Bush

  • Superior, Brilliant Red Fall Color
  • Dense Branching Structure Looks Lush to the Ground
  • Tidy, Compact Form Stays Neat and Trim
  • Widely Adaptable
  • Versatile Shrub in Many Garden Applications
  • Listed on Firewise Plant Lists
  • Urban Tolerant

There is nothing like a Burning Bush to deliver a big pop of spectacular fall color. Now you can add a tidy, compact blaze of intense crimson red with Pipsqueak® Burning Bush (Euonymus alatus ‘Pipzam’).

It looks good all year-long. All through spring and summer, you’ll enjoy the mid-toned green leaves and trim, flat-topped, rounded shape.

Watch the fiery fall color lick its way all through the foliage as the nights start getting cooler. It’s a thrilling, dependable display.

Pipsqueak can become a perfect backdrop for your autumn get-togethers with family and friends. Get outside at half-time during your football watch parties!

Pipsqueak can be used front and center in your landscape design. Even in winter, the textured, corky bark brings interest.

A charming horizontal branching habit adds to the excitement. It stays full and dense all the way to the ground.

Nature Hills understands that this genus sometimes grows too well in certain areas. That’s why we use Plant Sentry™ to block shipments into regulated areas. Just punch in your zip code into our Zone Finder to see if Pipsqueak can be grown in your community.

Order from the expert growers at Nature Hills today!

How to Use Pipsqueak® Burning Bush in the Landscape

You can’t go wrong with this dramatic, easy-care selection. It can be used in several garden applications. No matter how you use it, Pipsqueak will stop traffic in fall!

Use one as a magnificent specimen. Add a second shrub for a high-impact presentation, flanking either side of your front door.

This is a terrific low screening shrub. Use a row of them along your patio planting, or running the length of your fence line.

Plant them 3 and 1/2 feet apart to create a solid screen. You’ll measure from the center of the first plant to the center of the next.

Add a staggered, zigzagging series of rows to create a mass planting. Use Pipsqueak as an attention-grabbing way to cover bare ground. Mulch between plants and keep new mass plantings weeded.

Commercial property owners should take note. Get more eyes on your business with Pipsqueak Burning Bush planted near your entrance!

Play with the spreading form with contrasting plants. Pair it with towering vertical accents like Sky Pencil Holly or Blue Arrow Juniper.

Use it as a contrast behind arching Ornamental Grasses. Or, echo the horizontal branches with a curved series of Bird’s Nest Spruce planted in front.

Its tight branch structure also makes it a useful snow fence. Try a row or double row along the length of your driveway, planted against the prevailing winter winds.

#ProPlantTips for Care

This dwarf variety grows slowly, and lives a long time with proper care. Give it a moderate amount of water on a regular basis to establish young plants. Provide supplemental water in extended droughts to protect your investment.

Pipsqueak can grow in full sun or partial shade. It also tolerates a wide range of soils, with the exception of wet, poorly drained soil. The roots will rot in poor draining soils.

It maintains a natural, pleasing shape, but can also withstand heavy pruning. City or urban environments are no problem for these rugged plants.

If Burning Bush can be safely grown in your area, you’ll adore your Pipsqueaks! Place your order today, and get started with these marvelous shrubs in your landscape.

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