Pixie Crunch Apple Tree

Pixie Crunch Apple Tree


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Cutie-Pie, Snack-Sized Pixie Crunch™ Apple Tree

  • Mid-Season
  • Excellent Fresh Eating Apple
  • Kids Love the Astounding Crunch
  • Very Sweet and Juicy
  • Great Backyard Variety, Not Easily Found in Stores
  • Harvest For Weeks
  • Stores Well for Months
  • Disease Resistant
  • Wonderful Variety for Beginners

Remember when those tiny, little Mandarin Oranges started showing up in kid’s lunch boxes across the country? Well, here is the answering response from the Apples.

Pixie Crunch Apple (Malus ‘Co-op 33’) is a smaller, red fruit with wonderful crispness. Kids go bananas for the great, sweet flavor!

The perfect size for a snack, Pixie Crunch features a long hang time on the tree during harvest. This makes it a favorite Apple for many. Just head outside and grab yourself an incredible fresh, tasty treat. It doesn’t get any better than that!

People love how the fine-textured flesh snaps off crisp, breaking cleanly from the core. This isn’t a quiet apple, so enjoy munching and crunching your way through these cuties.

Pixie Crunch is even sweeter than Honeycrisp. It has a wonderful, complex flavor that balances sugar and acid content. You might find it hard to stop at just one.

And whether this is your first Apple tree, or you have dozens in a backyard orchard, you’ll appreciate the ease of care. Pixie Crunch is a modern Apple, bred to be resistant to disease.

Be sure to look at our #ProPlantTips on YouTube and on the Nature Hills blog for more information on caring for fruit trees. There is nothing more satisfying than having fresh fruit at your fingertips.

Pixie Crunch is also a pretty tree. It will be smothered in clouds of fluffy white blooms in springtime.

Lush summer-green foliage can shade and screen for you all season long. Watch the developing fruit become a brilliant red. The abundant fruit set makes a highly ornamental display.

You will need to plant another Apple tree as a pollination partner. Choose one of these varieties as a pollinator: Sundance, Liberty, Gala, Golden Delicious, or Red Delicious.

Enjoy your Pixie Crunch! It makes the perfect fit for edible landscaping. Get the most from your sunshine and soil.

Order yours today. These snack-sized Apples are very popular and our supply is limited. Act now, or risk having to wait.

How to Use Pixie Crunch™ Apple Tree in the Landscape

There are several ways to get the most from your fruit trees. The first is to consider them edible ornamentals and use them as a hard-working accent tree. Allow them to grow to their full height and spread, and place them in a mulched planting bed.

Can you imagine a series of 2, 3 or 4 Apple Trees as a backdrop near your fence line? How Instagram-ready would two varieties look placed in your front lawn, on either side of your front walkway?

Use Pixie Crunch and a partner tree as a large-scale privacy screen behind your patio furniture. Give yourself plenty of space for harvest, and enjoy watching the developing fruit.

The other way you can keep Apple trees is by creating a backyard orchard. Grow them in high density plantings, such as a 3-in-1 hole or 4-in-1 hole.

Or, create a hedgerow by planting several varieties 7 feet apart on center. Measure from the center of one to the center of the next.

Summer pruning is the key to controlling the size. Trees can be held to any size, from 5 feet tall to 10. It’s up to you. Make your decision and keep your tree pruned to that size.

Pixie Crunch kept to 7 feet tall gives you an easier harvest without having to climb up on a ladder. Summer pruning is an annual event. Be sure to check out our resources on how-to’s and expert advice.

Every day with an Apple tree is a learning moment. If you have small kids, these trees make an excellent choice nearly anywhere throughout your yard. Keep it easy for yourself. Remove lawn and mulch underneath Apple trees.

#ProPlantTips for Care

Pixie Crunch Apple trees need full sun to thrive. Plant them in a spot that will receive at least 6 hours of direct sunlight a day.

Morning sun is best for fruit trees. That is the drying sun and it quickly dries off the foliage.

You’ll want to keep the leaves dry whenever you can. Good air circulation in your planting site will help. Also, look into drip irrigation solutions, rather than rely on overhead lawn sprinklers. If you must water using sprinklers, set the timer to run in the early morning.

Provide a moderate amount of water on a regular basis. Pixie Crunch will work well in warm, humid climates, but should be mulched to keep the root system nice and cool.

Apply a thick, 3-inch layer of mulch and spread it out to 3 feet past the canopy. Pull the mulch back several inches all around the trunk. Please don’t let mulch touch the main trunk.

Prune in late winter to correct the shape, and open the canopy to sunlight and air circulation. Remove crossing branches at that time.

Prune in summer to keep the height where you want it. This will be an annual job in a high-density planting. Tip prune to an outside-facing bud.

Spending a few minutes each year pays off big dividends when harvest time rolls around. Smaller plants are easier to harvest!

Mature trees may produce a heavier fruit set in certain years, if conditions are just right. Thin the fruit early in the season to ensure you’ll get a chance to enjoy full-sized (although still petite!) Pixie Crunch Apples.

If you live in an area with fire blight, apple scab, or cedar apple rust, please contact your local Ag Extension office. They’ll be able to give you excellent advice for annual protocols.

Pixie Crunch can be grown organically.

You may hear Pixie Crunch nicknamed ‘Co-op 33’, which was its original development name. You’ll want to give that name to the horticulturists at your local Ag Extension, too.

One taste, and you’ll agree. This wonderful fresh-eating fruit is destined for great things. People love the satisfying snap and luscious taste of these snack-sized fruit.

Grow your own Pixie Crunch and savor this healthy snack. Hurry, many others around the country want to get their hands on this amazing variety, too. If you see it in stock, order now!

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