Playboy Rose

Playboy Rose


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Colorful Floribunda Favorite Playboy Rose

  • Sizzling Hot Color!
  • Large Blooms Feature Apple Fragrance
  • Rebloomer
  • Disease Resistant
  • Cold Hardy
  • Produces Lovely Rose Hips for Winter Interest

You’ll love the outstanding, large, orange-scarlet, semi-double, classic floribunda rose blooms on the Playboy Rose (Rosa floribunda Playboy’). No wonder this fragrant fantasy has been so popular.

Its proven performance makes it an easy choice – no matter if you are an experienced Rosarian or a total newbie.

With the visual impact from its blooms and foliage, this charming variety is a standout in the landscape. It is one of the showiest roses you can plant!

The most endearing characteristic of the Playboy is the fanciful color shading. The blossoms start out brilliant orange yellow and age to a deeper red. A golden yellow stamen sits in the middle of each blossom.

The semi-double blooms appear full and lush, due to the extra set of petals on each bloom. A wavy outside edge of each petal adds depth to each multicolored blossom.

The eye-catching blossoms reach 3.5 inches across. In colder climates, blooms may grow even larger.

Playboy Roses bloom very profusely and can be widely grown across most of the United States.

Glossy green foliage offsets the vivid blooms. The foliage is dark green and appears to be almost polished.

Playboy will lightly perfume your yard with a luscious apple scent. The hint of freshness seduces your nose as you get closer.

Playboy has been performing at a high level for a long time. It was the New Zealand National Rose Trial Ground winner and it was a Portland Gold Medal winner.

You can count on this variety to provide a lot of enjoyment over the growing season. Order this beautiful – and tough – Playboy Rose today!

How to Use Playboy Rose in the Landscape

No matter where you plant it, people are drawn to the Playboy Rose. This appeal makes it a great plant to use as a single specimen in a border planting. Try it as an outstanding focal point in a personal Meditation Garden.

Of course, you’ll want to be sure to include at least one as a part of a collection of different rose varieties. Pair it with yellow, melon-colored or red roses for extra sex appeal!

Treat this rose as a shrub to be used almost anywhere in the garden. Plant as a low hedge by spacing plants at 5 foot on center. You’ll measure from the center of one to the center of the next.

A dependable repeat bloomer, the long continuous bloom can be sustained by simply removing the spent blooms during the flowering season.

Be sure to allow the last spray of the season to develop into beautiful rose hips. Birds will love them, and they’ll provide gorgeous winter interest. Chock full of Vitamin C, you might even use them in seasonal teas.

Prune to maintain height in late winter or early spring. Cut out all but to 3 to 4 evenly spaced laterals and then cut those back by 1/3rd to get your plants off to a great start for the growing season.

#ProPlantTips for Care

People love this plant for its show, hardiness and disease resistance. Give your Playboy Rose a full sun location in soil that drains well.

Mulch your plant to 3 to 4 inches deep and out 3 feet from the outside of the laterals to keep roots cool and to maintain surface moisture. This can also help in controlling weeds and supplying nutrients to the plant as the mulch breaks down.

This is a floribunda cross of the City of Leeds with a Hybrid of the Chanelle and Piccadilly roses, which gives it the multi-blooming characteristics and the larger blossom size.

Playboy is a fabulous addition to any garden. Order today!

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