Pocahontas Lilac

Pocahontas Lilac


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Extend Your Lilac Season With The Pocahontas Lilac

  • Fragrant
  • Early Blooming
  • Low Maintenance

The Pocahontas Lilac is very showy and fragrant. It would make a lovely screen and is beautiful as a focal point.

Your Pocahontas Lilac is an extremely vigorous, cold hardy, upright plant that is an early bloomer to extend your Lilac season.

The Pocahontas Lilac blooms earlier than most Lilacs with large clusters of rich violet booms, then fade to a pretty lilac color. All the while displaying dense, dark green leaves. If you are going to have only one Lilac, then Pocahontas would be that Lilac.

Plant the Pocahontas somewhere in your landscape so you can truly enjoy it. Near a patio or walk perhaps so you can revel in the outstanding fragrance, the butterflies and hummingbirds.

The Pocahontas Lilac will tolerate some shade but it will flower more profusely in full sun. The blooms make excellent cut flowers for bouquets and will bring the color and scent of spring into your house.

Plant this showy and fragrant Lilac in your yard for an outstandingly long show of color and fragrance. Order a Pocahontas Lilac for your yard today!

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