Princess Irene Tulip

Princess Irene Tulip


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All Hail This Orange & Red Princess Irene Tulip!

  • Triumph Tulip
  • Orange And Red Blooms
  • Deep Blue-Green Foliage
  • Great In Containers

Who needs tiki torches when your garden is lit up Princess Irene Tulips(Tulipa ‘Princess Irene’)? These bright, bold, and breathtaking tulips are likely to be the most spectacular on the block. This Triumph variety has been around for over 70 years but has yet to be beaten when it comes to drama. With its tangerine petals and maroon flame-like markings blazing up the center, it’s easy to see why their reign has lasted so long. And not to be outdone this variety also graces the garden with a pleasant scent.

This prize-winning Triumph Tulip isn’t just stunning–it’s blooms are massive. And not only are their petals impressively hued, but their stems also look dressed for the ball. These tall, strong stems turn from green to a tinted purple or red as they reach toward the base of the bloom.

Not to be ignored, the Princess Irene’s foliage is also uniquely lanced and a lovely shade of bluish-green.

As these beautiful tulips open, they catch the light and their flame-colored petals glow even brighter. Plant this Princess in fall in a spot drenched in sun and when mid-spring arrives, prepare for a ball.

Unlike other Triumph Tulips, these grow to about a foot in height, making them ideal for spring interest as a front planting. For the biggest impact, plant these vibrant tulips as your front border in your garden bed or along a path.

If you’re looking for a crown jewel for your garden, look no further. These princess tulips demand an audience with anyone that walks past and they’re ready to rule your yard. Order your own Prince Irene Tulips right here!

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Princess Irene Tulip – 10 pack bulbs