Purissima Blonde Tulip

Purissima Blonde Tulip


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Picture Perfect Purissima Blonde Tulip

  • Fosteriana Tulip
  • Massive Blooms
  • Verigated Foliage–Yellow Along the Margins
  • Elegant White Blooms With a Touch of Yellow at the Base
  • Great in Containers

The Purissima Blonde Tulip (Tulipa ‘Purissima Blonde’) would be stomping the runways of Milan if only it had legs. This tall, stunning beauty can be described as “pure elegance.” With its long but strong stem and petals that narrow as they reach for the heavens, you can see how it earned the name “Purissima!” or “pure” in Italian. As a Fosteriana (also known as Emporaror) Tulip, this lovely tulip is adored for its height and colossal flowers.

And while most tulips have standard green foliage, the Purissima’s wouldn’t be caught dead in such boring foliage. Its leaves are broad, beautiful, and feature blonde margins. These variegated leaves solve that age-old problem of wanting to prune back the foliage too soon or trying to liven up the sea of green in your bulb bed.

Of course, there are the Purrissima Blonde’s blossoms. These flowers are heavenly white with a golden glow at their base. Their petals feature a delightful twirl inward at the top, giving them modelesque angles and pointed-crown-appearance.

These photogenic tulips glow with angelic inspiration, and they bloom best when planted in full sun. They will light up your cottage garden or light your way when planted along a path. They may not be the tallest Fosteriana Tulip variety, which makes them the Kate Moss of Tulips. However, their strong stems and moderate height make them ideal for mid-level blooms and flower arrangements, especially wedding bouquets.

Purissima Blonde Tulips are a great addition to spring. Their subdued yet unique color and form speak to class and grace. Don’t miss out on planting these bulbs this fall. We are only offering a limited quantity, so order your Purissima Blondes today and enjoy pure rapture in spring when they bloom.

We will ship your bulbs based on the correct planting time for your area.

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Purissima Blonde Tulip – 8 pack bulbs