Purple Fountain Grass

Purple Fountain Grass


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Purple Fountain Grass – A Cutting Garden Must-Have

  • Tall Summer Purple Plumes
  • Drought and Heat Resistant
  • Year Round Color
  • Makes Great Dried Flowers

Any plans for a cutting garden would be remiss without the inclusion of Purple Fountain Grass, a quintessential must-have among gardeners. Purple Fountain Grass is gorgeous on display in your lawn and equally at home as a cut flower in your next floral arrangement.

Purple Fountain Grass (Pennisetum setaceum ‘Rubrum’) is an ornamental grass that brings the passion of purple to your lawnscape or your vase. This brilliant purple grass is beautiful year round, whether you add it to a rock garden, a group in a flower bed, or an accent among other plants in a border. The grass also pots well, so adding it to a container for display on a front porch or patio is not uncommon. Just a slight breeze sets this ornamental grass moving, swaying back and forth and adding a lovely sense of motion to your yard.

Purple Fountain Grass cascades into a fountain-like shape upon maturity, giving rise to its name. In summer, the tall stems of Purple Fountain Grass soar above its foliage, reaching up, and tipping its foot-long matching burgundy plumes. As the days go by, these plums form an arch and turn a tan color that persists into the early days of autumn.

From a grower’s standpoint, Purple Fountain Grass is hard to beat. It I deer resistant and easy to care for, especially considering the color and visual fun that it delivers wherever it’s used. Choose this type of grass on its own as a specimen plant, as a foundation plant in a larger grouping or flower bed, or as an accent in a perennial garden or border. It also adds a fun and colorful touch to rock or desert gardens and can be tapped as ground cover in some landscape applications.

Aside from being easy on the eyes outdoors, Purple Fountain Grass is a great flower for drying. This makes it a popular variety for craft projects.

Purple Fountain Grass is the kind of plant that will stand out wherever you place it, and will look great in almost any location. Plant one or several today!

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