Purple Glory Lilac   

Purple Glory Lilac   


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The Prolific and Prestigious Purple Glory Lilac

  • Young Bloomer
  • Wonderful Aroma
  • Long-Lasting Blooms
  • Outstanding Cut Flower

Enjoy the early and amazing blooms of the Purple Glory Lilac (Syringa X hyacinthiflora Purple Glory). The blue-purple flowers appear in this variety at a young plant age, and before the Common Purple Lilacs in the Spring season.

You can’t forget about the lovely fragrance, which fills the air around the early blooms of the Purple Glory Lilac. It will be one of the first smells drawing you out of the house after a long Winter.

This lilac variety is a prolific bloomer, producing large, fragrant flowers which almost seem to be created specifically for use as a cut flower. Fill a vase-full of blooms to add the lovely smell throughout your house at the start of each Spring!

With dense, green foliage, the Purple Glory Lilac reaches a mature height of 6-8 feet tall, with a 5-6 foot spread. The low-growing foliage makes this variety a great choice for a lilac hedge, or for a lovely, solitary specimen plant.

Plant the Purple Glory Lilac throughout the country, in growing zones 3-8. It’s widely adaptable to different soil types and prefers full to partial sun exposure for the best growth and blooms. Mulch at the base of the plant is a great idea for retaining moisture!

As will most all lilacs, the blooms appear on the previous year’s growth, so only prune the lilac right after the blooms have faded. Pruning lilacs later in the year will remove the following year’s buds.

Own one of the earliest blooming lilacs in your neighborhood by ordering the Purple Glory Lilac today!

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