Purple Pride Tulip

Purple Pride Tulip


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Refined and Elegant Purple Pride Tulip

  • Lovely Lavender Bloom
  • Darwin Hybrid
  • Early Bird
  • Large Bloom And Strong Stem
  • Great In Containers

What does the Purple Pride Tulip (Tulipa ‘Purple Pride’) have to be proud of? This was the first purple Darwin Hybrid! And unlike other ‘firsts,’ this one got it right on the first try. Purple Pride Tulips will also give you a reason to be more than proud of your spring garden. With their massive bloom size, sturdy stems, and opulent coloration, this tulip has so much to be proud of!

These aren’t just any purple flowers. These blooms are huge. Purple Pride Tulips are a delicate yet rich in lilac color with a supple satiny sheen. These petals also have the slightest subtle hint of orange at their centers. The ridged petals of this tulip help show off just how lovely its color is. And these purple wonders possess the strength and durability of the best Darwin Hybrids.

These mid-spring blooms are long-lasting and naturalize easily, so you can celebrate your excellent taste with fresh tulips year after year.

Purple Pride Tulips are elegant yet exciting, which makes them a dazzling addition to any garden bed or bouquet. They shine and thrive in full sun and soil that drains well. If you want to achieve the classic Easter color scheme, pair these with pink, white, and yellow. Or go dramatic with high-contrast by planting these nearby fiery oranges and reds.

If your garden needs a patch or punch of purple, the Purple Pride Tulip is a superb choice. This strong, tall, tulip is a gardener’s dream. Order yours and you will be pleased-purple that you did.

We will ship your bulbs based on the correct planting time for your area.

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