Purple Prince Tulip Easy Bloom Pad

Purple Prince Tulip Easy Bloom Pad


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Ready Set Grow

Brighten Winter With Bloom Pads

A royal treat! 

Bloom Pads take the guess work – and the hard work – out of your fall planting. You simply dig a hole about 6” deep and drop the entire biodegradable Bloom Pad into it. The flower bulbs are held in place at the correct spacing to ensure maximum growth. With 8 bulbs to a pad, you can see how this can cut backbreaking planting down by 75% or more! The biodegradable material simply dissolves into the soil once the bulbs start growing in the spring.

The top reasons you’ll love Tulip Purple Prince Bloom Pad:

*Rich purple color
*Super easy to plant
*Perfect for pots
*Quickly plant a big bed without the backbreaking work
*Professionally spaced and mixed for a perfect garden every time
*Striking and easy spring flowers
*Plant 8 bulbs at one time!

If you just take a little time this fall you will have a garden overflowing with color come spring – and Bloom Pads make it so easy, you don’t have an excuse!

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