Radiance Easy Bloom Pad

Radiance Easy Bloom Pad


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Brighten Winter With Bloom Pads

An instant eye-catching garden! 

Are you afraid to mix colors in your garden? Sometime that perfect color combo is elusive – especially if you have to wait until spring to see if you got it right. New Bloom Pads take out all of the guess work – and the hard work! No need to worry about buying bags of flower bulbs only to realize that the color mix is off when the flowers bloom in the spring!

Radiance Bloom Pads have 7 top-grade tulip bulbs already color-mixed by a professional designer and spaced for perfect gardens every time. The bulbs come nestled in a biodegradable cloth that just dissolves into the ground once they’re planted. Dig a 6” deep hole wide enough for the pad, put it in and cover it up with soil. Once you give it a little water, you’re all set!

It will look like you are a professional designer when your Bloom Pads bloom in the spring! Another benefit of Bloom Pads – less kneeling and less bending. What a deal!

Radiance mix includes the rich red ‘Seadov’ Tulip and the hot pink ‘Royal Ten’ Tulip. This shocking color combo makes a huge impression, whether in a garden bed or in a patio container. The colors practically buzz when they are side-by-side. This is one color show you have to try.

The top reasons you’ll love Radiance Bloom Pad:

*Designer red/pink combo
*Professionally spaced bulbs
*Patio pots and flower beds will sparkle
*Easy to handle pads 

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