Radish Watermelon Seed Pack

Radish Watermelon Seed Pack


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It turns out watermelon radishes, an heirloom variety of the Chinese daikon radish, make a great pickle.


Days To Maturity: 60 days

Fruit Size: 3-4 inches

Sun: Full Sun

Spread: 3 inches

Height: 4-6 inches

Sow Method: Direct Sow

Planting Time: Fall, Spring

Germination: 4-11 days

Thin: 3 inches

Approx seeds per packet: 10

How to Grow:

Plant your seeds 1” apart and .5” deep in rows that are 12” apart. Once the seeds sprout, thin the crop about 3” apart. Continuously water and care for crop ensuring weeds are under control.