Rainbow Sensation Weigela

Rainbow Sensation Weigela


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Incredible Performance Rainbow Sensation™ Weigela

  • Attractive Variegated Foliage Displays Cream, Green, Yellow and Pink
  • Sprays of Beautiful Soft Pink Flowers in Spring
  • Tubular Blooms are Hummingbird Magnets
  • Stays Trim and Compact
  • Tolerates Urban Environments
  • Wonderful “Thriller” in Containers
  • Easy to Maintain and Grow
  • Cold Hardy
  • Widely Adaptable

Even before the pretty pink blooms start their springtime display, you’ll love the splashy variegated foliage of Rainbow Sensation™ Weigela (Weigela florida ‘Kolmagira’ PP 20,384). Each leaf is decorated with a rainbow of color tones, including green, yellow, cream and hints of pink.

This compact cutie keeps your attention through the growing season. Let this charming selection brighten your landscape with its showy flower power starting in mid-spring.

Dense clusters of soft pink blooms are held in sprays above the attractive foliage. Each funnel-shaped flower is a beacon for neighborhood hummingbirds, butterflies and beneficial pollinators. You’ll be so happy you made this choice when you see how popular it is with local wildlife.

These small, rounded shrubs are very versatile. Cold hardy and durable, allow them to become the mainstay of your “low maintenance” garden.

Use many to decorate a wide, open area in a mass planting. Or grow just one in a large container on your porch, balcony or patio.

These right-sized deciduous shrubs bring easy-care style to small space gardens. Rely on their variegated foliage to deliver visual interest all season-long.

You’ll love the high quality of our Rainbow Sensation Weigela. Our expert growers take special pride in these gorgeous shrubs. Place your order today!

How to Use Rainbow Sensation™ Weigela in the Landscape

For a pretty pop of color, plant a pair flanking either side of your front door. Or, run a short row of these wonderfully colorful shrubs along your front walkway to greet guests.

Allow them to grow together as a special small hedge. Plant two feet apart on center, measuring from the center of one to the center of the next.

Fill a wide open area with several staggered rows in a zigzagging planting pattern. Gain a gorgeous view, and provide plenty of nectar for your neighborhood butterflies at the same time.

Turn a slope into a huge asset with help from Rainbow Sensation Weigela. This meaningful garden feature will be far easier to maintain than mowing turf.

Mulch between the plants. Please keep newly installed mass plantings weeded until they grow together and touch.

Rainbow Sensation will look incredible as a feature plant in your mixed border. Repeat them as a flowering backdrop, or run them along the edge as a facer for taller Lilac or Viburnum shrubs.

These hard-working cuties can even help you boost the impact of mature evergreens. Dress up your old plantings with a raised garden bed placed on the sunny side.

Pop them into decorative outdoor containers wherever you need a little more “sizzle” in your scene. You’ll pump up the look on your patio or pool deck with these charming shrubs.

Perhaps you are a traditionalist at heart, but want to simplify your plantings. Replace the annual bedding plants with a mass planting of easy-care Rainbow Sensation Weigela in your rectangular Boxwood-lined planting beds.

Add these extravagantly variegated beauties for an impact that lives large. You’ll truly appreciate their carefree nature, soft pink blossoms and intricate foliage.

#ProPlantTips for Care

Plant this variety in full sun. They’ll need at least six hours of sunlight for the best performance.

Provide soil that is well-drained. If you see puddles that remain long after a rain event, use them in containers. Or…create a planting mound with soil to 18 inches high and three feet wide. Add landscape edging for a handsome raised bed.

Give your shrubs a medium amount of water on a regular basis. Apply a three inch layer of mulch over the root system, but ensure it doesn’t touch the main stems.

Prune them to shape after flowering is passed. You can also easily rejuvenate your shrub with pruning.

Every other year, trim a few of the thickest, oldest branches back down to the ground level and remove. You’ll get the best performance from the young, thin stems.

Order enough to complete your project today. Rainbow Sensation Weigela is known for its good looks and hardiness. Enjoy!

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