Raspberry Splash Lungwort

Raspberry Splash Lungwort


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Unique Foliage and Spring Flowers

Reliable and noteworthy, Raspberry Splash Pulmonaria, also known as Bethlehem Sage, is a perennial valued for its foliage even more than it is for its flowers.  Each oval, dark green leaf features silvery-hued splashes coupled with a delightfully fuzzy texture.  Short stems shoot above the foliage in spring, supporting clusters of nodding, funnel-shaped blossoms.  The gorgeous blooms are clothed in tantalizing shades of raspberry, coral, purple and pink (depending upon their stage of maturity), but culminate in fushia/raspberry tones. 

Your Raspberry Splash Pulmonaria is a herbaceous perennial that will grow up to 12 inches in height with a 18 to 23 inch spread.  It has a mounding nature and does well as an edging plant or planted en masse in a shady spot of your yard.  Raspberry Splash also makes quite the colorful “splash” in containers when placed with contrasting plantings.  It is disease and pest resistant and quite easy to grow.

With their oval, spotted leaves, Pulmonaria (or Lungwort), was once thought to symbolize diseased lungs and used to treat pulmonary infections. Those times are past, and it has now become beloved for its spotted foliage (and other decorative features).  Why not try a few in your garden this year!

* Decorative foliage
* Spring flowersattract hummingbirds
* Heavy shade tolerant
* Disease & rabbit resistant

Lungwort for Your Shade Garden

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