Red Balloon® Viburnum

Red Balloon® Viburnum


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Bunches of red berries look like flowers from afar!

Sometimes showy plants are divas. They require a lot of care and coddling. Red Balloon Viburnum (Viburnum x ”Redell” USPP 24,227) is the exact opposite of that. This show-off is super easy to grow, even for the novice gardener.

This big plant will take up a lot of room at the back of your border or along your fence. It will quickly grow to 8’ tall and 8’ wide. But the show it will put on is twice that big!

The deep green leaves unfurl in early spring, followed by pretty white flower clusters in April and May. But Red Balloon really revs up come late summer when the flowers are replaced by very showy clusters of bright red berries. The clusters are fist sized and look from a distance as if the shrub is covered in sparkling ruby-colored flowers.
(Here’s a hint: if you plant it with ‘Mohican’ or ‘Alleghany’ viburnum, the pollination will make the berries even more spectacular!)

Super easy to grow in part sun to full sun, Red Balloon will take your garden to a higher place!

* Pretty white flowers and very showy red fruit clusters
* Easy, low-maintenance
* Big shrub to fill in a big space
* Attracts wildlife


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