Red Bunny Tails Fountain Grass

Red Bunny Tails Fountain Grass


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Fluffy Red & White Bunny Tails!

Red Bunny Tails is just as much fun to grow as the name implies! The delightful blooms begin as a dramatic burgundy/red, transitioning to fluffy puffs of white atop the slender grass. Although named “bunny tails”, the blooms are more reminiscent of a rabbit’s foot, with a longer, showier display. The blooms start their show in mid-summer and continue right on into fall. The vibrant, green grass grows in a clumping manner, rising up tall and straight with a gentle arch that provides dramatic appeal as it gracefully sways on the afternoon breeze.

Red Bunny Tails has an upright, arching nature. Red Bunny Tails is adaptive to a variety of soils and thrives in full sun locations. Plant a few for an impressive border, use one as a specimen or even place one in a large container. Cut a few for a natural display on your kitchen table or dry some of the blooms for later use in crafts. It’s as functional as it is lovely. Red Bunny Tails serves as an annual or perennial depending upon your conditions, increasing its versatility.

Grasses are always a natural-looking addition to the home landscape and Red Bunny Tails has the added advantage of not only being beautiful, but fun. Plant a Red Bunny Tails today and bring some of this versatile grass’ adorable whimsy to your yard today.

  • Adaptive to a variety of soils
  • Heat & drought tolerant
  • Works well in containers

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Red Bunny Tails Fountain Grass – Quart Container