Red Chokeberry

Red Chokeberry


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Birds Love the Brilliant Red Berries

The Red Chokeberry is a deciduous shrub which typically grows to 10 feet tall and is perhaps most noted for its attractive glossy red berries and red fall foliage color.

Clusters of white to pinkish flowers appear in spring. Flowers are followed by abundant glossy red 3/8″ diameter fruit which appear in dense clusters along the branches.

The fruit ripen in late summer and persist throughout fall and well into winter. Best fruit production usually occurs in full sun.

The glossy, dark green turns bright red in autumn.

‘Brilliantissima’ primarily differs from the species by being more compact, producing more lustrous foliage with superior red fall color and producing larger, glossier, and more abundant fruit.

It would be beautiful in a natural area, and stunning as a hedge. Easily grown in average, medium wet, well-drained soils in full sun to part shade.

It has a wide range of soil tolerance, including boggy soils.

* White Flowers in Spring
* Profusion of Red Fruit Attracts Birds
* Red Foliage in Autumn

Harvest Time for your Super Berries from the Aronia Plants

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