Red Delicious Apple Tree

Red Delicious Apple Tree


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Ornamental Tree with Delicious Fruit

The Red Delicious Apple tree is a deciduous, ornamental tree that produces superior fruit. You can grow one as an accent or shade tree for the front yard, or plant several on a side yard for a private orchard.

The Red Delicious apple is the most widely grown variety in the world. It’s a popular apple with a variety of uses. Red Delicious was the single largest variety produced in Washington State in 2005.

Red Delicious has deep red skin and conical shape encasing flesh that is white and crisp, with a sweet flavor.

Your Red Delicious can grow to 12 feet tall with an equal spread, resulting in relatively rounded crown and pleasing landscape appearance which can last up to 50 years.

In the spring, clusters of small white flowers with subtle pink hues will adorn its branches with their fragrant elegance. In the summer, dark green leaves adorn a rounded shape which turns a brilliant yellow in autumn, sprinkled with deep red fruit. It is truely a tree for all seasons.

The Red Delicious apple is a lovely ornamental tree that will provide you with a crop of delicious and nutritious fruit each fall. Our apple trees are always in high demand. Quantities are limited and many will sell out soon. Order now to avoid disappointment!

* Deep Red Fruit
* Sweet, Crisp, White Flesh
* Color Throughout the Year
* Recommended pollinators: Braeburn, Fuji, Gala & Honeycrisp

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Red Delicious Apple Tree – #5 Container Standard Height, Red Delicious Apple Tree – #5 Container, Red Delicious Apple Tree – #3 Container 4-5 Feet