Red Emperor Tulip

Red Emperor Tulip


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The Reliable and Classic Red Emperor Tulip

  • Fosteriana Tulip
  • Large Red Blossoms
  • Tall Stems
  • Early Spring Blooms
  • Great in Containers

Do you know that perfect shade of red lipstick? It’s the one that makes you feel beautiful even if you’re sitting at home in sweatpants and a t-shirt, right. Well, if that feeling were made into a tulip, it’d be the Red Emperor Tulip (Tulipa ‘Red Emperor’). This classic Fosteriana Tulip is admired for being one of the first tulips to bloom for the year and its massive bloom size. And trust us, it’s a great way to kick off the tulip season!

The Red Emperor Tulip takes classic coloration and amplifies it with its rich hue and chic flower shape. The secret to its charm and fun is that its petals fold inward, creating a stunning silhouette. Like other Emperor Tulips, its petals form a magnificent crown that seems to become more majestic as it slowly opens. These red petals look dipped in yellow sunshine then kissed with green where its bloom meets the stem.

In addition to being stop-sign red, the Red Emperor’s blooms will stop you in your tracks. They are anything but puny. In full-sun and ideal conditions, they can fan out to be stunning sizable beauties.

This dazzling tulip has been pleasing gardeners since 1931 and that’s not going to change any time soon. It multiplies its beauty year after year as it naturalizes and spreads. Make the most of this fire-engine red tulip by planting a grouping in your front yard, as a border, or as a focal point in a container.

Nothing screams “spring is here!” more than a Red Emperor Tulip. It’s iconic bloom and attractive foliage add brilliance and cheer to any garden. Add a bit of lipstick to your spring display by ordering some Red Emperor Tulips.

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