Red Flowering Dogwood

Red Flowering Dogwood


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Long Lasting Ruby Red Spring Blooms

  • Deer Resistant
  • Drought Tolerant
  • Pest and Disease Resistant
  • Great Patio Tree

The Red Flowering Dogwood Tree (Cornus florida ‘Cherokee Chief’) is a traditional dogwood in an exceptional color that offers year-round interest.

You will know that spring has truly arrived when your Red Flowering Dogwood leaps into action. Gorgeous ruby red blooms will cover the tree starting before the leaves appear and lasting long after other spring bloomers quit.

To add to this spectacular show the new foliage starts out red then matures to a glossy emerald green. The red and green leaves form the most perfect backdrop to the pink and crimson blossoms that last well into the season. As proof of their beauty,

The Dogwood Festival in Atlanta, GA. brings visitors from far and wide to celebrate this trees brilliant flowering period.

In fall your Red Flowering Dogwood will transform again. Its leaves turn stunning shades of bright scarlet, burgundy and amber. Sure to brighten even the furthest corner of your yard.

The Red Flowering Dogwood will start to shed its leaves in late fall when glossy, ruby red fruit will be revealed. Not only will the branches provide a feast for songbirds, they will also be a wonderful addition to you winter décor.

The Red Flowering Dogwoods size makes it easy to add to any landscape. Plant it near a patio or window where you can enjoy it all year long. Order one today!

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