Red Wall® Virginia Creeper

Red Wall® Virginia Creeper


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Fast Growing Native Covers Walls In No Time!

  • Strong, Fast-Growing Native
  • Striking Red Fall Foliage
  • Purple Berries
  • Wildlife Love It!

That fence has always bothered us. We had to see it every day outside of the window. Industrial chain-link. Gray. Utilitarian. Necessary. There was no way round it. Pretty things, like Climbing Roses, didn’t seem right. They were too nice for this ugly fence. Then one day a plantsman suggested Virginia Creeper Red Wall®, Parthenocissus quinquefolia ‘Troki’, to be exact. Life changing advice!

Do you have an eyesore you want to cover? We’d like to recommend Red Wall® to you, too.

The Virginia Creeper is a beautiful native vine that grows super-fast and healthy in almost any soil and any garden condition. You can find it in the wild in the dappled light of the forest or scrambling on a dilapidated fence along the roadside in full sun. It will quickly cover an area, so give it plenty of room to grow. (Because it climbs by sticky tendrils, you’ll want to choose your location wisely. Red Wall® can engulf a house or a tree before you know it and can be a challenge to remove!)

The bright-green leaves turn fire-engine red in the fall and are so thick that you will truly have a “red wall” of foliage each year. The leaves drop in winter, but the dark-blue berries remain and are a treat for wildlife into spring when the leaves return in full force.

This is an easy plant to grow and care for, so don’t stay frustrated with your eyesore. Order a few Red Wall® Virginia Creepers from us today and cover it up by next year! Try it with Yellow Wall® Virginia Creeper for a fresh fall look!

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