Redhaven Peach Tree

Redhaven Peach Tree


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Wonderfully Productive, Easy Care Peach

If you’re looking for a smooth, firm, excellent all purpose peach, you’ll love this variety. Cold hardy, easy care and well-loved for generations, the Redhaven Peach (Prunus persica ‘Redhaven’) is the peach by which all others are measured.

Generations of growers have appreciated it’s reliable, heavy-bearing nature. And the fruit? It’s beautiful, with hardly any fuzz, blushed with red, and opens to sweet, creamy yellow flesh. Completely luscious!

Great for fresh eating, baking, canning and freezing. This peach has a freestone pit, so it’s easy to process them for your family to enjoy over the winter. The pit pulls away from the fruit easily, which is great. You’ll want to savor every bit of that delicious peach!

As a big bonus, it’s also absolutely beautiful in spring, with fragrant pink flowers after the worst of the winter weather is past. It shines as an autumn time accent, when it’s leaves turn harvest gold.

Plant two for the best crop, or match with another peach variety. It is self-pollinating, but peaches love a partner tree. Strong branches, and a resistant to leaf spot make this an easy choice for newbie and expert edible gardeners alike.

Order yours today, before we run out. It’s a customer favorite!

  • Very Productive
  • Delicious Fruit
  • Beautiful, Hardy Tree

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Redhaven Peach Tree – #5 Container, Redhaven Peach Tree – #3 Container 4 – 5 feet