Reflect Bloom Pad

Reflect Bloom Pad


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Ready Set Grow

Brighten Winter With Bloom Pads

Bring royal color to your spring garden!

Sometimes planning the spring garden can be more of a chore than actually planting the spring garden. We’ve found a way to make the planning – and the planting – a piece of cake!

Bloom Pads!

It’s as simple as 1-2-3. You just dig a hole 6” deep and make it wide enough to drop a biodegradable Bloom Pad in. Cover it with soil. Water thoroughly. Then all that’s left to do is just wait until spring for a garden that looks like a professional planned it!

The Prince Tulip bulbs in the aptly named ‘Reflect’ Bloom Pad are placed at the right spacing for healthy growth. There are multiple bulbs set in a pad so you can plant a big bed in half the time of planting single bulbs! The pad material is biodegradable so it just dissolves into the soil once the bulbs start growing.

The top reasons you’ll love the ‘Reflect’ Bloom Pad:

* Designer inspired! Two beautiful shades of purple Prince tulips and a sunny buttercream-yellow Prince tulip for professional results without the planning on your part.
* So easy to plant – just dig, drop and cover
* Perfect for easy container planting
* You can plant a big flower bed in half the time

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