Rhapsody Of Smiles Tulip

Rhapsody Of Smiles Tulip


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Varying Shades of Happiness with a Rhapsody of Smiles Tulip

  • Single Late
  • Moderate Height For A Single Late
  • Bi-Color Striated Yellow And Red
  • Large Vibrant Blooms
  • Great In Containers

This bright and fun tulip mimics the color of a nectarine. With gold and red-streaked petals, the Rhapsody of Smiles Tulip (Tulipa ‘Rhapsody Of Smiles’) is one of the most cheerful varieties in the garden. In fact, that’s likely how it earned its name.

The Rhapsody of Smiles Tulip will take your breath away from near and afar. Its painterly coloration appears apricot from a distance and from up close, you can enjoy the intricacy of each tulip’s unique yellow and red striations. These lovely flowers offer long-lasting delight and bloom in late spring after other tulips have taken their exit.

The charming Rhapsody of Smiles Tulip may not be as tall as other Single Lates, but it does produce large blooms.

These bright and fun apricot-colored tulips make a lovely single-variety mass planting or grow yours in a cut garden for stunning and joyous bouquets. Because of their shorter-than-most Single-Late’s height, they’re one of the few Single Lates that make a suitable front border.

Plant your Rhapsody of Smiles Tulips in full sun. Choose a spot where you can admire them every day, and don’t be surprised when you start collecting smiles.

The Rhapsody of Smiles Tulip embodies the beauty of spring. These happy tulips will add a pop of glee and happiness. Prepare to test the limits of your cheek muscles with your Rhapsody of Smiles Tulip. Order yours today!

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Rhapsody Of Smiles Tulip – 10 pack bulbs