Royal Burgundy Flowering Cherry

Royal Burgundy Flowering Cherry


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Breathtaking Royal Burgundy Flowering Cherry

  • Elegant Early Spring Pink Blossoms
  • Brilliant Burgundy Colored Leaves
  • Perfect for Landscape Color Contrast
  • Pollinator Friendly

We’re almost positive the saying “pretty in pink” comes from someone marveling at the beauty that is the Royal Burgundy Flowering Cherry tree (Prunus serrulata ‘Royal Burgundy’). Grown for its coloring more so than its berries, this tree’s character is sure to stand out in anyone’s garden and bring a splash of intensity to landscapes.

Picking just one feature of the Royal Burgundy Flowering Cherry to label as the most striking is next to impossible. How is one supposed to pick between the glowing pink cherry blossoms that sprout in the spring and the deep burgundy shade of the leaves that blanket the tree underneath?

Luckily, planting one of these trees in your yard ensures you don’t have to pick just one feature, you get them all! Friends and strangers alike will want to know what tree you have in your front yard that creates such a magnificent contrast. The deep red-purple of the leaves next to the classic luscious green of other trees is a sight to behold for sure!

We would be remiss if we talked about the wonderful aspects of the Royal Burgundy Flowering Cherry tree without mentioning its absolutely stunning scent. Each blossom emits a fragrance that rivals any store bought perfume. For those lucky enough to have a Royal Burgundy in the springtime, clipping a few flowers off the tree and bringing them inside is the perfect way to make the house smell of fresh cherry blossoms!

The dark leaves and bright blooms make it a much sought after plant in urban landscapes and has become a staple in cities such as Washington DC. Plant one by itself or in a group of two or three for a grove effect. They also work wonderfully planted in pairs on either side of entryways or gateways.

No matter how you use it in your landscape, you won’t be the only one who loves the tree. Your local pollinators will as well! Butterflies and hummingbirds will come from near and far for a chance to snack on the nectar of a Royal Burgundy blossom.

Deciding where to plant a Royal Burgundy is quite easy. Simply find a sunny spot where the tree can soak up the sun along with well drained soil and you’ll have a very happy tree. Extra watering is also required during the warmest times of the year if there is little rainfall.

If you’re looking for a way to add a pop of color to your lush green landscape, there is no better tree than the Royal Burgundy Flowering Cherry tree. Not only does it have exquisite maroon foliage, it also blooms bright pink blossoms to herald in the springtime. Don’t wait, order one today!

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