Rubber Tree

Rubber Tree


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Bold Decorator Statement Rubber Tree

  • Bright, Indirect Light
  • Thick, Glossy Dark Green Leaves with Ivory Midrib
  • Easy Care
  • Fabulous Theatrical Look

If you love interior design, you’ll want to add the good looking Rubber Tree (Ficus elastica ‘Decora’). It instantly brings life to awkward corners, and softens any sharp angles. The organic shape of the rounded leaves soothes the eye, even as the gleaming leathery texture adds subtle shine.

Frankly, no interior is complete without houseplants. And this is a marvelous selection that adds a tremendous amount of enjoyment for very little effort.

It’s quite exciting to see new leaves emerge as curled red new growth on your Rubber Tree. That’s especially so because Decora features larger leaves than other varieties. There is a lovely ivory midrib that catches the light.

This is an easy care plant. Give it a spot near a sunny window with protection from direct afternoon sun. You’ll want to rotate the plant regularly to ensure all sides receive the same amount of light.

Consider adding a floor mirror behind your decorative Rubber Tree. You’ll love the glossy reflected foliage, and the tree will appreciate the additional lumens. Just be sure the mirror is angled away from direct sun.

Give your Rubber Tree regular water, but use a light hand. It will not tolerate sitting in water. It will not need as much water from fall through winter. Keep your Rubber Tree polished with a simple swipe with a damp cloth every few weeks.

Gift yourself or someone you love and join the Rubber Tree fan club. All it takes is one to jump start your life long passion for these gorgeous plants. Order today!

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Rubber Tree – 8 Inch Container