Russian Cypress

Russian Cypress


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A Low Growing Cascading Evergreen

Russian Cypress, Microbiota decussata, is a versatile, spreading conifer. These would make a delightful shrub boarder or even an outstanding ground cover in your rock garden. It’s also a good choice for shady places where other evergreens might not thrive as well.

Your Russian Cypress is a low-growing evergreen. Its feathery, fan-like sprays are soft to the touch with delicate nodding tips. The vibrant green foliage will present a lively appearance in your yard, and continue to draw your interest into the winter when it transforms to a darker, gold-purple hue.

The branches diplay a subtle arch for a gentle, mounded appearance. Russian Cypress resembles horizontal-type junipers, but has the bright green, soft foliage of an arborvitae.

Russian Cypress is an extremely hardy evergreen with no significant disease or insect issues.

Russian Cypress likes full sun to full shade, and its best performance occurs in partial sun in moist, well-drained soils. However, it’s also quite adaptable to poor soils in sun and wind-exposed sites as well. It’s even deer resistant, so you won’t have to worry about your furry friends taking a nibble as they pass through your yard.

For a versatile, hardy evergreen with lively color and a spreading nature, Russian Cypress is a terrific choice!

  • Low-Growing Evergreen
  • Winter Color
  • 4-season interest
  • Cold hardy

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