Russian Sage

Russian Sage


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Low Maintenance Garden Favorite Russian Sage

  • Long-Blooming Flowers
  • Decorative, Aromatic Foliage
  • Easy to Grow
  • Heat and Drought Tolerant

If you like lavender, then you’re going to love Russian Sage. This ornamental perennial is often mistaken for lavender, and while closely related, is a different type of plant altogether. Plant this gorgeous specimen in a perennial bed, let it grace the border of a garden walkway, or put it to use around a patio to give your outdoor entertaining space a bold burst of beautiful lavender color.

Growers of Russian Sage know that the beauty to behold is not the whole story with this perennial. It’s also a treat for the senses with its aromatic fragrance derived from its membership in the mint family. Those who grow Russian Sage also remark on its hardy nature¬†and ease of maintenance.

The strong, upright stems of Russian sage are dotted with silver grey leaves and tiny clusters of lavender blossoms. From a distance, the view of the Russian Sage takes on the appearance of a hazy bluish fog that shifts with every movement of the breeze each summer and creates this same striking visual well into the fall.

Russian Sage is a perennial you can plant and forget, counting on its outstanding performance year-after-year, no matter the challenges or conditions. A simple pruning after the emergence of new spring growth, cutting back the old stems to reveal the lower set of leaves helps it maintain its vitality and beauty. A durable, vigorous grower, Russian Sage plants scoff at heat, drought, and pests while still maintaining a fresh appearance.

Russian Sage is an exceptional perennial that’s a must-have for every landscape. A hardy, carefree plant for your yard, Russian Sage will provide years of long-blooming color and aromatic beauty. Order yours today!

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