Salish Summer Peach Tree

Salish Summer Peach Tree


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Q-1-8 is Renamed Salish Summer Peach Tree

  • The Only White Flesh Variety Resistant to Peach Leaf Curl
  • Early Mid-Season
  • Semi-Freestone
  • Sweet and Flavorful Fruits
  • Fabulous Fresh Eating, Juicing, or Dried
  • Beautiful, Showy Pink Blooms in Spring
  • Self-Pollinating, But You’ll Get Much Larger Harvests With Other Leaf Curl Resistant Varieties of Peaches and Nectarines
  • Introduced as Q-1-8 Peach, Now Sold as Salish Summer Peach Tree

One of the best varieties for areas that must deal with peach leaf curl, the Salish Summer Peach (Prunus persica ‘Q-1-8’) is both delicious and disease resistant. Luscious white flesh will make any homeowner with an edible landscape smile.

Salish Summer fruit is very flavorful. It’s well-balanced with just the right amount of acid to bring out the sugar. This white fleshed variety offers a wonderfully complex flavor. Its sweet, melting flesh is smooth and oh-so-juicy.

A cold hardy, widely adapted selection that seems to handle challenging climates with late freezes.

You’ll enjoy a particularly attractive bloom in the spring. Clouds of showy pink flowers cover the branches for a lovely show. Even the fruit is highly ornamental. The skin is light yellow with a red blush on the sunny side of the fruit.

Salish Summer fruit is great for fresh eating off the tree. Enjoy the pure white flesh! It looks almost as creamy as the smooth texture tastes.

This is the perfect fruit to include in your morning smoothie or pack it in your lunch for a great mid-day snack. Summer Salish Q-1-8 makes a great fruit for drying or dehydration for a special winter snack.

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How to Use Salish Summer Peach Trees in the Landscape

You’ll be harvesting Q-1-8 fruit in the early mid-season. Why not extend your season of harvest by planting it with other peach leaf curl-resistant selections? Add the mid-Season Muir Peach or mid-season Frost Peach. Don’t forget to include the late season Indian Free Peach.

Just imagine picking homegrown peaches for up to 4 months! No need for copper sprays. Q-1-8 is curl free up to 80% of the time in the most challenging areas.

Of course, you’ll want to inspect all fruit trees regularly. Being close to the process and watching your crops develop is all part of the fun!

You can choose to keep these held to any height with a yearly schedule of summer pruning for size control. If you want to keep them small and manageable, consider planting several of them in a hedgerow.

You’ll create an edible screen that is pretty and useful and enjoy tasty fruit, too. Plant trees 5 to 7 feet apart on center Measure from the center of one to the center of the next.

Or, try high density planting. Watch our YouTube videos on creating a 3-in-1 planting. Use 3 varieties, planted in a triangle. You’ll space them 24 inches apart as high-density planting. Keep the center of the planting open to sun and air circulation. Grow 3 trees in a single hole.

#ProPlantTips for Care

Peaches require well-drained soils, but will adapt to a wide range of soil types. If you have poor drainage, create a mounded heap of soil, or build a raised bed to elevate your planting. The raised beds should be 12 to 18 inches high and at least 3 feet wide. Plant directly in the mound or raised bed to improve drainage.

Choose a location that receives at least 6 hours of sunlight. Peach trees love morning sun, which will dry and warm your trees for optimal health.

In the colder climates of Zones 5 – 8, it is helpful to choose a location with good morning air circulation, as well. Don’t plant in low-lying areas, which trap frost. Good air flow helps protect the tree from climate extremes.

Use Salish Summer Q-1-8 in peach leaf curl areas as a no-spray option. If you love white peaches, and just want a yummy variety, add this cold hardy Peach tree.

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Salish Summer Peach Tree – #3 Container 4-5 feet