Salome Daffodil Easy Bloom Pad

Salome Daffodil Easy Bloom Pad


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Brighten Winter With Bloom Pads

The Most Gorgeous Daffodil!

 Are you afraid that you have a black thumb and that beautiful show-worthy flowers are out of your grasp? Banish that fear with new Bloom Pads! It’s so simple that a child could do it. In the fall you just dig a hole about 6” deep. Make it wide enough to put the Bloom Pad into it. Cover the Bloom Pad with dirt, give it a good watering and just wait until spring for a garden that looks like a professional landscaper planned it!

The grade A daffodil bulbs in the Bloom Pad are already set at the correct spacing to ensure maximum growth. There are 5 bulbs to a pad so you can plant a lot more in less time than planting individual bulbs! The pad material is biodegradable, so it just dissolves into the soil once the bulbs start growing.

The top reasons you’ll love Salome Daffodil Bloom Pad:

* Flower-show quality blooms in the spring – yellow cups pop against the big white petals
* So easy to plant – just dig, drop and cover
* One Bloom Pad fills a container to perfection
* You can plant twice as many in half the time
* These bulbs will come back for several years without needing to replant

Whether you consider yourself a gardener or not, you can’t go wrong planting Bloom Pads. A little effort this fall pays big dividends in the spring. Bloom Pads make it a cinch! 

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