Sassafras Tree

Sassafras Tree


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A Fragrant Tree with Many Uses!

  • Fragrant Features
  • Spring and Fall Color
  • Pest Free

The Sassafras tree is a medium-sized tree valued for its many unique features. It starts out with a shrub-like appearance, so would do well in a naturalized area of your landscape or a backyard setting.

The overwhelming positive feature of this tree in one word is “fragrant”.

You’ll love the green-yellow flowers that appear in the spring. Their gentle sweetness will draw the attention of bees and butterflies from miles around. It’s one of the few trees that’s attracts the Spicebush Swallowtail butterfly.

You’ll marvel at the adorable mitten-shaped leaves that emit a delightful scent when crushed in your hand. Even the twigs and bark, resplendent in their rich mahogany hues, are aromatic.

Your entire Sassafras tree is a study in beauty and scent!

When fall arrives, you’ll enjoy watching birds and other wildlife flock to the tiny dark blue berries that stand upright on red stalks from your tree’s branches.

The mitten leaves will transform your autumn landscape with variations of red to yellow before relaxing into winter’s rest.

Your Sassafras is an amazing tree with a rich history in lore and uses. Native Americans used the tree extensively, and many people still do today.

It’s often called the “root beer tree” because of the flavor it produces, especially when made into a tea. The leaves are dried, crushed and used in recipes such as traditional gumbo, candies and jelly.

Plant one today and treat yourself to years of fragrant beauty and fascinating benefits. Order a Sassafras Tree of your own!

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