Saxatilis Tulip

Saxatilis Tulip


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Exceptional Bi-Colored Violet and Honey Saxatilis Tulip

  • Species Tulip
  • Delicate Lavender With Rich Golden Blooms
  • Easy to Grow and Maintain
  • Perfect for Borders
  • Great in Containers

This Species Tulip bursts with color. Its golden-yellow centers are set off by the softest lavender you will ever see. The Saxatilis Tulip (Tulipa saxatilis) is a delight in early spring when it blooms before your other bulbs. What this petite pretty lacks in height it more than makes up for in intrigue and rarity.

Reminiscent of a daisy in coloration, this friendly flower is one of the most joyful you can choose. Only growing to a petite size, the Saxatilis Tulip is the perfect choice to light up the front of your flower bed. As a wildflower, they also create quite the show when planted in grass and pop up in early spring. From a distance, these buttery-bright blooms look like the classic yellow smiley (yes, pre-emoji) bobbing in the breeze.

Mix Saxatilis Tulips with crocus or other Species Tulips for an enchanting spring showing. Once the blooms fade, you can enjoy their healthy green foliage. If planted in your grass, they can stand up to the mower and will come back the following spring just as cheerful and bright as ever.

Give these petite and precious tulips the opportunity to glow and grow their brightest. Plant them in full sun. They thrive when grouped and look great in a naturalized area.

If you’re looking for a tulip variety none of your neighbors know about. This is it. The Saxatilis Tulip is fun, friendly, and doesn’t require a lot of your time to thrive.

Did you hear that? Fall is calling. Order your Saxatilis Tulip in time to plant this autumn.

We will ship your bulbs based on the correct planting time for your area.

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Saxatilis Tulip – 15 pack bulbs