Scarlet Halo Peach

Scarlet Halo Peach


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Exceptional Scarlet Halo Peach Features Sweet Red Fruit

  • Late Mid-Season
  • Delicious Doughnut Peach
  • Jewel Red Flesh
  • Self-Pollinating
  • Semi-Freestone

Scarlet Halo Peach (Prunus persica ‘Scarlet Halo’) is noted for its splendid flavor and scarlet-colored flesh. Plant this tree near a window where you can enjoy a daily view of your scrumptious fruit as it ripens on the branches.

Bred for its fine, very sweet flavor and thicker size, Scarlet Halos are a late-ripening, self-fruitful type. Frequently considered to be the most popular fruit in the United States, peach trees are always a delight to behold, and the Scarlet Halo Peach is no exception to that rule.

The tree retains an upright form, with dazzling, pink-tinted spring blossoms. The flowers bloom before the tree leafs out, to produce a lovely display of floral brilliance. As the season progresses, the tree’s blooms transform to a plentiful harvest of succulent fruit, magnificent in their scarlet-hued beauty.

Peach trees typically produce round fruit, but not the Scarlett Halo, whose fruit exhibits a more compressed appearance, which has caused some to call it a “donut” or “doughnut” peach. This unique shape, combined with the bright scarlet coloring of its skin and flesh, adds to the charm of this unique peach variety.

In the 1990’s, Rutgers University in conjunction with the Stark Brothers Nursery introduced the Stark Saturn Peach, and the demand for the flat style peaches began to expand. Nowadays, flat peaches have become popular for both commercial operations and home gardens.

The Scarlet Halo was introduced by the Burchell Nursery’s hybridist John Slaughter in 2010. This fruit represents a significant improvement over the prior varieties of flat peaches. In the 21st century, many new selections have been introduced but the Scarlet Halo differs substantially from the white or yellow fleshed flat peach.

These peaches ripen in early August, and are as delightfully sweet and juicy as any peach you’ve ever tasted. You can enjoy them right off the tree. . . warm from the sun’s rays, or use them to make pies, preserves and a number of other culinary delights.

This is certainly a wonderful tree for almost any yard, and it is a definite must-have for any peach-loving gardener. While it is a self-pollinating variety, you’ll get a larger fruit set with a partner, or second tree. Order today!

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Scarlet Halo Peach – #3 Container 4-5 Feet