Sentimental Blue Balloon Flower

Sentimental Blue Balloon Flower


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Whimsical Blue Balloons

Balloon Flower Sentimental Blue (Platycodon Sentimental Blue) is one of the most unique plants that you will ever grow in your garden. Even though it is a classic garden plant in Europe, it isn’t often seen in American gardens, which is a shame. Help us trumpet the joys of this great garden flower by planting some at your home this year!

Platycodon have some of the most interesting flower buds ever. They look for all the world like little blue hot-air balloons and they swell and swell until they burst open into beautiful true-blue flowers with purplish veining. Kids are enthralled by them.

Sentimental Blue is perfect in the front of the perennial border or lining a walkway. They make great accents in rock gardens and are star performers in containers. Grey-green leaves back the long-lasting flowers which them quite the ‘designer look’. Perfect for cutting too.They typically bloom from May to August.

Sentimental Blue is very low-maintenance once it’s established, but note that it emerges late in the spring so care must be taken not to damage the crowns with early spring cultivation. With very little care this beauty will reward you with years of garden whimsy!

  • Amazing True-Blue Balloon Shaped Flowers
  • Easy To Grow
  • Low Maintenance Plant
  • Green-Grey Foliage

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