Shirofugen Flowering Cherry

Shirofugen Flowering Cherry


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Pink, White, Then Pink Again Shirofugen Flowering Cherry

  • Magnificent Color Changing Pink Blossoms
  • Delightfully Fragrant
  • Attracts Pollinators
  • Easy to Care For
  • Stunning Landscape Addition

Planting a flowering Ornamental tree in the garden is a fantastic way to add accents of color and a whole bucket full of beautiful blooms. However, choosing which color can be difficult, they are all so incredible! White gives the yard a sense of pristine calm but pink stands out like no other. There’s no reason to go back and forth trying to make a decision, choose both! Shirofugen Flowering Cherry (Prunus serrulata ‘Shirofugen’) offers a continuously changing show of pinks and whites all through its bloom season!

The flowers bud a light pink color at first and then, over the course of the blooming process, brighten to white. They stay white for a while, but not for long. Just as you start longing for a little more color, the blossoms transform into a deep pink with mauve reaching from the centers.

Not to be outdone, the leaves of this spectacular tree are just as showy. They sprout a crimson-flushed bronze and darken to a lush green during the summer. The leaves make for a fascinating followup to the intensely pink blooms of late spring. Once fall arrives, the tree gives you one more color to marvel at as the leaves turn a reddish orange before finally falling for the year.

During the magnificent bloom, few activities are as pleasurable as simply opening the windows and letting the scent of cherry blossoms fill the room. Picking a couple of blooms off the tree and bringing them inside will also give any home that sweet fragrance, along with adding a splash of color!

As if Shirofugen Flowering Cherry’s beauty and fragrance weren’t enough, this ornamental tree brings pollinators such as butterflies and hummingbirds to the garden each bloom season! Watch as the tree comes alive with the flutter of winged pollinators in search of a tasty snack.

Keeping the tree happy is quite easy. As long as it’s planted in a sunny spot with well drained soil, Shirofugen will thrive! It’s a plant it and forget about it tree that is perfect for the new grower who’s just getting started but still wants a showstopper!

There are so many ways to incorporate a Shirofugen Flowering Cherry into a landscape. Of course, a grove would be incredible, but planting one by itself as an accent to the luscious green of other trees is just as breathtaking! Try planting one on either side of a driveway or entryway for a lasting first impression to those who visit!

Planting a Shirofugen Flowering Cherry tree is a sure fire way to make a statement without having to choose a specific color. Order one for your landscape today!

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