Shumard Oak Tree

Shumard Oak Tree


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Valuable, Fast Growing Shumard Red Oak

  • Fast Growing
  • Hardy
  • Shade Tree
  • Fantastic Fall Color
  • Timber and Wildlife Value
  • Easy to Grow

If you want to plant an investment tree for your property, Shumard Oak (Quercus shumardii), is one of the best. From valuable timber to wildlife mast food production, the Shumard offers a fast growth rate and amazing fiery red fall color.

What’s not to love? This oak is native to the southern coastal regions from Texas to Virginia and inland along the Mississippi River Valley States. This majestic oak grows as a towering statement among the other forest trees.

Perfect as a paired planting with White Oak, this tree was named after a noted and tremendously diverse physician and geologist, Benjamin Franklin Shumard. It was mentioned often in his early surveys of Texas Red Oaks.

As autumn approaches, the Shumard Oak Tree will put on a brilliant fall color show of reds and oranges to finish out the season. Red Oaks are renowned for their fall color and we think the Shumard leads the pack with its colorful fall display.

Order your Shumard Red Oak today and get started improving your landscape.

How to Use Shumard Oak in the Landscape

Fast growing Shumard Oak Trees can reach mature height quickly, providing you with an outstanding shade tree in a fraction of the time that most Red Oaks would require. The 4-8 inch pointed, deep-lobed leaves are shiny and dark green. Shumard’s canopy can be pyramidal to an open up-right canopy with a rounded crown.

Planting a Shumard Oak Tree gives you an impressive shade tree. The tree has a natural habit and requires little pruning and general maintenance.

The acorns produced are considered prime forage for wildlife. Pair with other Oak trees to ensure a consistent acorn production across the season.

The wood of the Shumard Oak is considered to be of higher quality and color than other varieties oaks. The wood is used for flooring, furniture, moldings, paneling and cabinets.

Use as a beautiful accent lawn tree or plant several together in a naturalized grouping. Include other wildlife trees like the Eastern Red Cedar or Native American Plum. Add berry bushes such as Elderberry, Chokeberry and Silver Buffaloberry.

#ProPlantTips for Care

The Shumard Oak prefers well drained, loamy, soils, but is reported to do well in high pH, alkaline, nutrient deficient locations – just so long as the drainage is good. It performs best in full sun when planted in well-drained soil conditions.

Intolerant of shade, the Shumard grows fast to reach the tops of the forests canopy where it can get plenty of sunlight. This fast growth rate will benefit all who are looking for a fast-growing shade tree that is the perfect lawn specimen. This long-lived tree can live to be well over 200 years old.

It simply loves hot, humid climates with hot summers and short winters. Once established, the Shumard Oak also has shown some drought resistant in areas such as Oklahoma and Texas.

Though drought tolerant, the Shumard can become stressed in extreme drought. Apply a 3-4-inch layer of mulch to 3 to 4 feet outside of the canopy to keep roots cool in the hot summer. In extended periods of dry, apply additional summer water.

Care should be taken when transplanting not to upset the roots. Shumard Oak is very sensitive to being moved once planted. Get bare root plants planted as soon as possible after receiving.

It is even reported not to be attractive to deer in many locations. Spray all new plants with repellent in deer country to train them to leave your new plants alone.

Easy to grow, long-lived and hardy, the Shumard Oak Tree is an excellent choice for your landscape. It will provide you with years of shade, color and bring additional value to your property. Order today with confidence that this tree is a great choice.

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