Siouxland Cottonwood

Siouxland Cottonwood


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Seedless Siouxland Cottonwood Shade Tree

  • Fluttering Leaves Catch the Breeze
  • Improved Variety of Beloved Native Tree
  • Seedless Male Selection
  • Hardy and Adaptable
  • Brilliant Fall Color
  • Rapid Growth

The majestic Cottonwood tree has graced the wetlands and river beds of North America since time immemorial. With heart-shaped leaves that are designed to catch the slightest breeze, this tree brings a tremendous amount of interest to the landscape.

With this valuable tree, you’ll quickly gain shade, motion and gentle “white noise”. Much like a garden fountain would do, the soothing, soft murmur of the leaves help mask unpleasant sounds of traffic.

The foliage is a light green with a silvery overcast on the underside. The fluttering leaves also seem to flash and sparkle as their silvery side reflects the sun’s rays.

This Poplar tree draws your eye to it. It makes a magnificent focal point in the landscape. In fall, the leaves turn a brilliant yellow.

Cottonwoods typically produce fluffy seeds in fall. But not this improved variety!

For a wonderful native shade tree, try the unique Siouxland Cottonwood (Populus deltiodes ‘Siouxland’) or Eastern Cottonwood tree. The Siouxland is a male cultivar of the Cottonwood, so you won’t have to deal with the cottony seeds. This variety still has all the endearing features of the Cottonwood, but without the mess.

Introduced by South Dakota State University, this large tree is cold hardy and heat tolerant. It can handle adverse soil including acid or alkaline soils, drought or wet conditions, clay soil and other poor draining locations. It even does well on the coast, where wind and salt spray will not bother this “tough-as-nails” tree. It can handle high air pollution and urban settings.

Birds love to nest in the high branches. This tree supports wildlife and is a great addition to create a retreat or habitat.

Extremely fast growing, hardy and easy to care for, the Siouxland will provide you with years of carefree beauty. Order today!

How to Use Siouxland Cottonwood Tree in the Landscape

Give Siouxland plenty of room to reach its full size. It’s wonderful for larger landscapes where it can be allowed to reach its maximum height and spread unimpeded.

It’s a lovely specimen tree planted by itself. Or, allow it to really shine by planting 3 in a natural grouping. We recommend using a loosely triangular planting plan in this case. Site these trees carefully.

Before planting, place the container-grown trees from Nature Hills out and study your trees from all angles. Easier to move a pot, than redig a hole!

For individual trees that will not touch, plant them 15 to 20 feet apart, measuring from the trunk of one to the trunk of the next.

You can also create a very effective sound barrier, windbreak or shelterbelt by planting Siouxland Cottonwoods 10 to 12 feet apart. The branches will overlap, and you’ll create a solid screen. For a faster screen, use a zig-zag planting pattern.

Use an old farmer’s trick and place these quick growing trees in front of a row of slower growing Norway Spruce trees. This application can mark the edge of your property very effectively. Or, plant to block your property from the worst of the prevailing winter winds.

Give Siouxland trees a location in full sun.

These trees should not be used near buildings, or paved driveways and sidewalks. They are best near the edge of a property, or on a larger open space.

Siouxland is considered a valuable tree for parks and golf courses where the fast growth and tall wide stature are a plus to the landscape. Use them correctly in your home landscape and enjoy them!


The Siouxland is a virtually indestructible tree that is resistant to a number of different diseases. It’s rust resistant and pest resistant. It grows quickly to provide fast shade.

It requires very little maintenance to keep it looking great.

You do have a choice to make. If you want a privacy screen, leave the lowest branches on the tree and allow new growth to appear along the trunk.

Or, if you want to be able to place a hammock or picnic table under the tree, simply prune off the lower branches all the way back to the main trunk. “Limbing up” the tree also makes mowing easier.

In the right location, Siouxland is a Cottonwood that is sure to please. It’s a no-mess, no-fuss tree that will provide you years of beauty and enjoyment. Order today!

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