Skyracer Purple Moor Grass

Skyracer Purple Moor Grass


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Airy Texture, Upright Skyracer Purple Moor Grass

  • Charming Accent
  • Very Tall Purplish Plumes Soar Above Grassy Clump
  • Blades of Grass Have Golden Fall Color
  • Stylish Addition to Landscape
  • Narrow, Upright Growth Habit
  • Easy to Grow and Maintain
  • Grows in Soils that are Occasionally Wet
  • Tolerates Urban Settings
  • Tolerates Black Walnut Juglone

If your house is your castle, your landscape is your sanctuary. Create a very peaceful respite from the hustle-bustle of the modern world with Skyracer Purple Moor Grass (Molinia caerulea subsp. arundinacea ‘Skyracer’).

These cunning little plants have a narrow, short, mounding clump of blue-green foliage. Then, out of the center, wonderful purple stems rise tall and form an airy cloud of seed heads starting in mid-summer.

You’ll be enchanted by the yearly display. This accent grass is small and compact, and the elongated, wispy plumes move and dance in the slightest breeze. It’s incredible!

Make a statement in any border with this fine-textured selection. The beautiful clouds of airy seed heads will simply shine in the sun.

Some of the world’s most renowned garden designers have used the Skyracer Purple Moor Grass to great effect. This ethereal charmer adds a tremendous amount of interest, softens the look of evergreen trees and shrubs, and helps to settle the soul.

Order your Skyracers today! You’ll be so pleased by the high quality of our plant material, all carefully prepared for shipment by the expert growers at Nature Hills.

How to Use Skyracer Purple Moor Grass in the Landscape

Some Ornamental Grasses are thick enough to provide privacy screening during the season. Not Skyracer.

Use this instead as an outstanding accent plant that decorates special areas with an open feeling.

Place them where you’ll see the shimmering seed heads move and sway on their long, fine-textured purple stems. They look great on the sunny side of stolid evergreen trees or shrubs or to soften a long retaining wall.

Pro Tip – Skyracer Purple Moor Grass looks incredible in the setting sun, so give them a spot where the last rays of sunlight will hit them during the Magic Hour!

Plant it by your outdoor seating areas. Or, use it as a very special focal point for a Meditation Garden. Use them along the length of your patio or front walk for a very modern look.

Try a single specimen plant, or wind several of them here and there to spotlight your perennial border. They tolerate moist be sure to add them to the edge of Rain Gardens in low areas of your yard.

Add drama with a long row of Skyracer Purple Moor Grass. Plant them 3 feet apart on center, measuring from the center of one to the center of the next.

#ProPlantTips for Care

Skyracer Purple Moor Grass can be grown in full sun or partial shade. It flowers best with more sun, so give it at least 4 hours of direct sunlight a day.

Careful attention to watering to establish your plant then it becomes so easy to care for. Simply cut all stems down each year very early spring before it starts to grow right down to just a couple of inches.

The grass blade height gets 2-4 feet tall. The flowering stems will add another 2-3 feet above the clump of grass leaves.

It prefers evenly moist soil. Please pay careful attention to watering. Use the Finger Test to check the moisture level in the soil. Poke your finger in the ground next to your plant. If it’s getting dry, give it a drink. If it’s still moist, skip watering and check tomorrow.

In some locations, Skyracer grows too well and is regulated. Nature Hills uses an online tool called Plant Sentry™ to block shipments into and out of regulated areas. Enter your zip code to see if we can safely ship to you. Please, only buy plant material from responsible online growers.

You’ll want to trim back the plumes before wintertime and place them in your yard waste. Then, in early spring, cut the foliage back to the ground. Chop, then add the spent foliage to your garden bed as valuable mulch.

You’ll be excited to see the fresh, green shoots emerge from the crown. Watch for the long plumes to develop in mid-summer. What a nice addition these inviting plants make to your late Summer and Fall Garden.

Order your Skyracer Purple Moor Grass today!

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