Snap Pea Seed Pack

Snap Pea Seed Pack


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These peas are plump, sweet, and delicous. Perfect to eat straight from the pod, steamed or stir-fried. Though the plant is called “dwarf” they can grow up to 4-5′ feet on a trellis or up a fence.

Height: 24-36”

Depth: ¾ inch

Spread: 2-3”

Light Required: Full Sun

Days To Maturity: 66 Days

Germination: 6-14 Days

Approx seeds per packet: 100 seeds

How to Grow:

Plant seeds in early spring, spacing 2” – 3” apart and 18” – 24” between each row. Do not thin the crop. For optimal production, let them climb up a trellis or fence.