Snowmound Spirea

Snowmound Spirea


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Pretty in Spring and Fall Snowmound Spirea

  • Prolific Spring Flowers Cover the Branches
  • Compact, Easy Care Shrub
  • Beautiful Fall Color
  • Butterfly Magnet
  • Dark Green Foliage
  • Arching Branches

When space is tight, but you want a showy shrub to decorate your landscape, try compact Snowmound Spirea (Spiraea nipponica ‘Snowmound’). This dwarf, ornamental shrub has a lot of wonderful features.

From the laden flowers in mid to late spring to the fabulous fall color– you’ll fall in love with the Snowmound Spirea. Garden designers use this variety as a substitute for old-fashioned Bridal Wreath Spirea in smaller yards.

Do you remember the gorgeous spring look Grandma used to have in her yard?

This is a tighter, more compact decorative deciduous shrub with the same beautiful arching habit. And the spectacular clusters of pure white flowers will surely remind you of the larger varieties.

Gathered together in small corymbs, the tiny bouquets of blossoms will virtually cover the arching stems of Snowmound starting in late spring.

It really lives up to its name, being so covered with flowers that it will appear as a mound of snow in your spring landscape. Unlike snow however,butterflies and other pollinators will come in for a taste and contribute to the celebration of life that spring always seems to usher in.

More compact in habit, but similar in appearance, the Snowmound is often recommended a substitute for the very popular Spiraea Vanhouttei.

There are many ornamental shrubs, and Snowmound Spirea is certainly a stand-out among them. If you’d like a touch of snow’s brilliance in spring, but without the cold weather, try a Snowmound Spirea. Order yours today!

How to Use Snowmound Spirea in the Landscape

Plant a row of them along a fence for a decorative shrub border or use as a foundation planting.

Include compact Snowmound Spirea in a mixed planting. You’ll love the contrast of the graceful, arching branches with these other growth habits.

Because of its great dense canopy, this plant is the ideal plant for erosion control.

Snowmound Spirea is the perfect choice for a low maintenance woodland landscape or to naturalize a border planting.

It’s also a great variety to use for a low hedge just about anywhere. You can even use it as an accent shrub for the background of a perennial flower bed.

#ProPlantTips for Care

Snowmound Spiraea grows well in full sun to light shade in well-draining soil. Additional water may be required during heat spikes, especially while the plant is young. Protect from hot afternoon sun in warm, dry climates.

After bloom, a light shearing to remove spent flower clusters will result in a dense, blue-green flush of early summer foliage. This will give the shrub a lush appearance all summer long.

Then, it transitions to a brilliant coppery-yellow before leaf drop in the autumn. This is a fabulous fall color shrub.

Snowmound is a relatively care-free shrub that will looks great naturally, but it doesn’t mind some pruning if you’d prefer to customize its shape. There are no significant disease or insect issues to be concerned about.

A great choice for today’s modern lot size, the Snowmound Spirea works beautifully all season long. Order yours now!

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