Soft Rush Grass

Soft Rush Grass


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Soft Rush Grass Great For Rain Gardens

  • Tall Easy-Care, Grass-like Foliage
  • Evergreen in Mild Climates
  • Sun or Dappled Shade
  • Thrives in Wet Areas, Even Standing Water

If you’re looking to add effortless beauty to your landscape, then look no further than our Easy-Grow Soft Rush Grass (Juncus effusus). Some plants are naturally attracted to moisture, and this Soft Rush grass is definitely among their numbers. With the ability to grow in up to 4 feet of standing water, this plant is found in nature at the water’s edge in both salt and freshwater locales.

If you have a creek, pond or pool on your property, Soft Rush Grass is a great option for dressing things up.

Soft Rush Grass doesn’t have to grow in water, although it certainly can. This ornamental grass grows well in good garden soil, provided you give it plenty to drink during the hottest times of the season.

Soft Rush Grass forms beautiful straight clumps of grass-type foliage, giving a rustic, almost wild look to your landscape in some applications or giving a more formal, modern look in others, depending on how it’s used.

Among all ornamental grasses, Soft Rush Grass may be the most carefree and have the fewest maintenance requirements. In areas with mild winters, this grass is evergreen. In areas where winters are a bit colder, it is a reliable perennial grass, just sheer the dormant plant to the ground and watch it come back with a fervor the next year.

Our customers love Soft Rush Grass for rain gardens or for adding something special to swales for water runoff. Soft Rush Grass anchors wet spots where other types of plants might fail to thrive.

This is a great plant that fills the gap in hard to grow areas. Don’t wait to order yours!

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