Spicata Liriope

Spicata Liriope


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Tough plant for tough places

Don’t have a green thumb? Do you need a plant that is super easy to care for, forgives you if you forget it, yet still looks graceful and beautiful and makes you look like a pro? Liriope Spicata is the plant for you.

This lovely plant grows in gentle grass-like clumps that happily fill in bare and hard to plant areas. The leaves are strappy and beautifully deep green. In the summer, tall spikes of purple flowers crown the tufts and attract bees and butterflies, animating your garden.

These are classic edger plants, providing a soft border to your perennial beds. Use them in masses as a grand groundcover under big trees or lined up in rows to guide your way along a pathway. Put them around your rose beds. Edge your driveway or anchor your mailbox. Let them spill out of your favorite containers. Plant them where they will hide the feet of straggly shrubs. Sun or shade, rich soil or poor, Liriope Spicata will happily make your garden look great.

  • Graceful tufts of grasslike foliage
  • Pretty purple flower spikes in the summer attract pollinators
  • Tough as nails and easy-care

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