Spider Plant

Spider Plant


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Useful, Easy Care, Handsome Hanging Spider Plant

  • Bright Indirect Light
  • Grassy Striped Foliage
  • Easy Care Hanging Plant
  • Grows Cute Baby Plants to Share

Houseplant aficionados rely on the strappy Spider Plant (Chlorophytum comosum) to add a long vertical accent to your indoor garden. Hung from a sturdy ceiling hook, the Spider Plant develops into an attractive, arching specimen.

A happy Spider Plant features strappy leaves that erupt up, out, and then down from the center of the plant. Prominent narrow stripes run the length of the long, grassy leaves.

Hang several plants in a wide corner a bit out of direct sunlight. Try a curated collection of plant hangers, or stick with a modern repeat of the same hanger. Hang them from different heights for a very natural, organic interiorscape.

Watch in amazement as your Spider Plants develop the cutest little babies. These plantlets grow on long, modified stems and can be trimmed to create new plants. Or, you can choose to leave them intact. If you do, the plant will appear wider and very lush.

Also known as Ribbon Plant, you’ll want to lavish a bit of care on this pretty variety. Mist it a few times a week to keep the humidity high. Water it regularly, but allow it to nearly dry out between sessions. Don’t let water sit in saucers; sop up any excess quickly.

Spider Plants can also be kept in a pot on a tablescape. As the leaves and plantlet spiderettes grow long, try raising the pot on a stacked set of books or plexiglass table topper. You’ll love the drooping downward sweep of the leaves.

Spider Plant features a graceful growth habit, and can contrast beautifully with larger, arched leaves of Cast Iron Plant or the sculptural erect form of Dracena.

Move it outdoors for summer, but do give it a protected spot from afternoon sun. If your Spider Plant outgrows its space, simply give it a haircut using sharp scissors. Remove the plantlets stems all the way back to the base of the plant.

There is a very good reason Spider Plant is one of the most popular houseplants available. Add one or many more to your collection. Enjoy the way the long, sweeping form graces your interior. Order today!

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Spider Plant – 6 Inch Container