Spinach Grow Kit

Spinach Grow Kit


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Spinach. It’s such a divisive little salad green. If you’re on the “meh” side of the coin when it comes to spinach, we’ll wager it’s because you haven’t had it fresh-picked and full of flavor. Having it fresh from the plant to your plate is light-years away from the canned stuff you remember from childhood. (Sorry, Popeye.) The rich green leaves are full of mouth-watering goodness, whether you use them fresh and crunchy in salads or sauté them a bit in vinegar like they do in the South. This super-veggie is full of vitamins A and C and a great source of iron.

The Urban Agriculture Co. Spinach Kit makes it easy to plant, grow and harvest your own spinach leaves all summer long from your kitchen countertop or windowsill. This kit is very user-friendly. It includes a packet of organic Spinach seed, a small bag of soil and a chic recycled container. All you have to do is plant the seeds in the soil, water regularly and let it get plenty of sun. You can begin harvesting the leaves as soon as they are 5-6 inches tall. Try the leaves on sandwiches, on pizza or in quiche. You’ll love the taste!

These kits are great gifts – for yourself or others. They are easy to set up and easy to care for and you get farm-to-table produce right from your own kitchen! Trust us, it will change the way you see spinach. Order yours today.

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