Splash Pluot

Splash Pluot


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The Splash Pluot, Prunus pluot ‘Splash’, is a complex hybrid of 70 percent plum, 30 percent apricot. Pluots are ‘interspecifics’, a complex hybrid of apricot and plum.

It is smooth-skinned like a plum. This Pluot is sturdy and durable with a luscious flavor. It has the chin-dripping juiciness of a fully ripe plum without the notoriously tough skin and tart center typical of the parent plum.

It can be eaten fresh, dried, or in desserts. Splash Pluot is yellow, turning to orange/red at maturity with yellow flesh. It is a beautiful upright tree that looks like it is hung with Christmas lights when the fruit is hanging!

The sugar content of interspecifics is much higher than in standard plums or apricots which give this pluot incomparable sweetness!

Great pollinators for this tree are the Santa Rosa Plum or the Flavor Grenade Pluot.

* Sweet!

* Juicy!

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Splash Pluot – #3 Container 4-5 Feet